National Harbor, MD November 9 - 11

National Harbor, MD
November 9 - 11


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  • Gail Norry

    Co-Chair of the 2014 General Assembly

  • Howard Friedman

    Co-Chair of the 2014 General Assembly

  • A.J. Jacobs

    Author, Journalist, Lecturer & Acclaimed TED Speaker

  • Rachel Botsman

    Author and Founder of Collaborative Lab & Acclaimed TED Speaker

  • Kathleen E. Loehr

    Managing Director, Orr Associates, Inc.

  • Diane Rawlins

    Principal, InsideOut Consulting

  • Kriss Wittmann

    Founder, Wittmann Studios

  • Julie Platt

    General Campaign Chair, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

  • Tom Klein

    Executive Director, Verified Volunteers

  • Farra Trompeter

    Vice President, Big Duck Communications Firm

  • Michael D. Siegal

    Chair, JFNA Board of Trustees

  • Jerry Silverman

    President and CEO, JFNA

  • Larry Dressler

    Principal, BlueWing Consulting

  • Rachel Burg Belin

    Founder and Director, Prichard Committee Student Voice Team

  • Sara Diamond

    Actress, Singer, Songwriter and Dancer

  • Lauren Epstein

    Planning Manager, Caring Commission, UJA-Federation of New York

  • Dan Fagin

    Chief Operation Officer, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

  • Katherina M. Rosqueta

    Founding Executive Director, Center for High Impact Philanthropy

  • Dana Vizner

    Associate VP, Campaign and Israel & Overseas, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

  • Jonathan S. Westin

    Director of Health Policy, JFNA

  • Sarah Abonyi

    Founder and Former President, Lobos for Israel

  • Julie Barnes

    Health Policy Consultant

  • Linda Scherzer

    Director, Write On For Israel, and Former CNN Jerusalem Correspondent

  • Rachel Salle

    Student and Former Campus Liaison for AIPAC

  • Christopher Westfall

    Principal, Westfall & Associates

  • Steve Linde

    Editor-in-Chief, The Jerusalem Post

  • Derrick Feldmann

    President, Achieve Guidance

  • Julie Kass

    Co-Chair, Ober|Kaler's Health Law Group

  • Eyal Rabinovitch

    Founding Director, Resetting the Table: Open Conversations on Israel

  • Gilead Sher

    Former Chief of Staff for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak

  • Andrew Lustig

    Jewish Spoken Word Artist

  • Shawn Landres

    Co-Founder & CEO, Jewish Jumpstart/Jumpstart Labs

  • Andrew Scharlach

    Kleiner Professor of Aging, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare

  • Harvey Burg

    Civil Rights Lawyer

  • Steve Greenbaum

    President, Senior Housing Group

  • Amir Sznajderman

    Manager, Economic Development and Loan Fund Unit, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Ilan Wagner

    Director, Onward Israel and the Unit for Educational Experiences in Israel, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Roman Polonsky

    Head of the Russian Speaking Jewry Unit, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Arielle Di-Porto

    Director of the Aliyah Division, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Gregory Saxton

    Director of Graduate Studies, University at Buffalo

  • Jon Medved

    CEO, OurCrowd

  • David Gloss

    Co-Founder & CEO, Here's My Chance Creative Agency

  • Dr. David Bryfman

    Chief Innovation Officer, The Jewish Education Project

  • Deborah Baron

    Chief Operating Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

  • Zvi Drizin

    Founder and Director, The Intown Chabad, Dallas

  • Jonathan Kessler

    Leadership Development Director, AIPAC

  • Noam Gilboord

    Director of Community Strategy, Israel Action Network

  • Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

    President, JFNA's Rabbinic Council

  • Rabbi James Brandt

    CEO, Jewish Community Federation of the Greater East Bay

  • Rabbi Shira Stutman

    Director of Jewish Programming, Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

  • Shelley Freeman

    Head of Consumer Credit Solutions, Wells Fargo

  • Lisa Kay Solomon

    Innovation Strategist

  • Nissim Pingle

    Senior Manager, Programs and Outreach, Evelyn Peters JCC, JDC-Mumbai

  • Oksana Galkevich

    Director of External Relations and Government Affairs, JDC FSU

  • Tzur Goldin

    Lieutenant, Israeli Defense Force

  • Alan Hoffmann

    Director General, The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Geri Palast

    Director, Israel Action Network

  • David Dabscheck

    Deputy Managing Director, Israel Action Network

  • Rabbi Daniel Smokler

    Education Director, Senior Jewish Educators Initiative, Bronfman Center NYU

  • Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein

    Executive Director, 14th Street Y, Manhattan

  • Lara Abell

    Senior Event Director, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

  • Mark S. Freedman

    Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

  • Melanie Roth Gorelick

    Director, Community Relations Committee, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ

  • Brian Gralnick

    Director, Center for Social Responsibility, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

  • Todd Gray

    Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Equinox

  • Lesli Green

    Chief Communications Officer, Federation CJA, Montreal

  • Lori Klein

    Senior Vice President, Caring for Jews in Need, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

  • Sheri Wagner Greenbaum

    Executive Vice President, pulse220

  • Shira Rosenblatt

    Senior VP, Jewish Education and Engagement, the Jewish Federation of Greater LA

  • Elissa Polan

    Assistant Vice President, Planning and Allocations, Jewish United Fund

  • Kol Sasson

    Jewish a Cappella Group, University of Maryland

  • Naomi Limor Sedek

    Campaign Director, Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee

  • Doug Seserman

    President and CEO, JEWISHcolorado

  • Lisa Robbins

    Director, Young Adult Division and Outreach & Engagement, Tampa Jewish Federation

  • Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra

  • Rebecca Wanatick

    Community Inclusion Coordinator, MetroWest ABLE

  • Michael J. Weil

    Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans

  • Iris Wolf

    Chief Pedagogical Officer, World ORT Kadima Mada – Israel

  • Hagit Yaso


  • Stuart Mellan

    President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona

  • Natana Shek Dor

    Director of Generations Fund, Federation CJA, Montreal

  • Rabbi Barry Dolinger

    Lawyer and Rabbi, Congregation Beth Shalom

  • Rabbi Sarah Mack

    President, Board of Rabbis of Greater Rhode Island

  • Rabbi Elan Babchuck

    Temple Emanu-El

  • Erin Moseley

    Director of Arts & Culture and NextGen Engagement, Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

  • Sarah Silverberg

    Student, Activist and Former Hillel President at McMaster University

  • Julie Vanek

    Director of Jewish Learning Connections at CJP

  • Mark Mellman

    President and CEO, The Mellman Group

  • Lisa Karasic

    Director of Marketing & Communications, Jewish Federation of Monmouth County

  • Andrew Borans

    Executive Director, Alpha Epsilon Pi

  • Steve Rakitt

    Executive Vice President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

  • Howard A. Rosenblum

    CEO, National Association of the Deaf

  • Marcia Cohodes

    Co-chair JFNA's Human Services and Public Policy Disability Committee

  • William C. Daroff

    Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Director, JFNA Washington Office

  • Matthew Youngner

    Community Campaign Director, San Francisco Jewish Community Federation

  • Dean Malissa

    First Person Interpretive Actor/Historian

  • Shelley Rivkin

    Associate Executive Director, Community Affairs, the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver

  • Josh Harris

    Owner, Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils

  • Mark Wilf

    Owner, Minnesota Vikings

  • Tamara Cofman Wittes

    Director, Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings

  • David Makovsky

    Ziegler Distinguished Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

  • Elliott Abrams

    Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

  • Amb. Liora Herzl

    Deputy Director General, North America, Israeli Foreign Ministry

  • Akiva Tor

    Head of the Bureau, World Jewish Affairs & World Religions, Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Pierre-Gerlier Forest

    Director, Johns Hopkins' Institute for Health and Public Policy

  • Reeva Ninio

    Director, JDC-Tevet Overseas Partnerships

  • Regina Zelonker

    Lawyer and Board Member, Greater Miami Jewish Federation

  • Avital Ingber

    Chief Development Officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

  • Capt. Sarah D. Schechter

    Chaplain, US Airforce

  • Rabbi Matthew H. Simon

    Chaplain and Rabbi, B'nai Israel Congregation

  • Darrell Friedman

    Senior Executive Consultant, JDC

  • Hannah Rosenthal

    CEO/President, Milwaukee Jewish Federation

  • Marc Terrill

    President, THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

  • Debra Barton Grant

    Executive Vice President, Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis

  • Rabbi Elka Abrahamson

    President, Wexner Foundation

  • Rabbi Jay Moses

    Director, Wexner Heritage Program

  • Cindy Chazan

    Vice President, Wexner Foundation

  • Lori Baron

    Director of Operations, Wexner Foundation

  • Jeff Rum

    President & Chief Marketing Officer, SPARK Experience

  • Erica Brown

    Writer, Educator, and Jewish Nonprofit Consultant

  • Brenda Gevertz

    Executive Director, JPRO Network

  • Stacye Zeisler

    Chief Marketing Officer, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

  • Rachel Sigman

    Senior Development Officer, Leadership Philanthropy, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

  • Lisa Glass

    Managing Director, Community Planning and Impact, Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

  • Alan H. Gill

    CEO, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

  • Aluf Benn

    Editor in Chief, Haaretz

  • Dr. Alean Al-Krenawi

    President, Achva College

  • Wendy Rudolph (invited)

    Founder, Green Firms DC

  • Elinor Bariach-Bitton

    Director, Camp Kimama

  • Eric Fingerhut

    President, Hillel

  • Nesse Godin

    Lithuanian-American Holocaust Survivor

  • Rabbi Scott Perlo

    Associate Director, Sixth & I

  • Rabbi David Eliezrie (invited)

    Founder, Chabad House at University of Miami

  • Marci Mayer Eisen

    Executive Director, Millstone Institute

  • Alon Davidi

    Mayor, Sderot

  • Dr. Ron Wolfson

    Fingerhut Professor of Education, American Jewish University

  • Laura Howe

    Vice President, Public Relations, American Red Cross

  • Jonathan Ornstein

    Executive Director, JCC Krakow

  • Ethan Felson

    Vice President and General Consul, JCPA

  • Zoya Shvartzman

    Director, Strategic Partnerships, JDC Europe

  • Jacob Baime

    Executive Director, Israel on Campus Coalition

  • Karen Kramer

    Lion of Judah Endowment Chair, National Women's Philanthropy

  • Arlene D. Schiff

    National Director, LIFE & LEGACY, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation

  • Jillian Wagenheim

    Director of Family Philanthropy, The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

  • Tal Keinan

    Chairman and CEO, KCPS Clarity Capital

  • Ari Ne'eman

    Co-Founder, Autistic Self Advocacy Network

  • Shmuel Sisso

    Director General and CEO, World ORT

  • Daniel Bader

    President/CEO, Helen Bader Foundation

  • Howard Tevlowitz

    Executive Director, The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

  • Abigail Pick

    Planning Associate, Caring Commission, UJA-Federation of New York

  • Devon Schad

    Director of Development, JEWISHcolorado

  • Shalom C. Elcott

    President/CEO of Jewish Federation and Family Services Orange County, CA

  • Stephen Kagan

    Co-Lead, Pfizer Center of Excellence on Active and Healthy Ageing

  • Loren London

    Founder, RAISE, Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando

  • Bradley Laye

    President/CEO, The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

  • Eran Dubovi

    VP of Development, Leo Baeck Education Center, Israel

  • Elena Herskowitz

    Director of Development, Jewish Federation of Monmouth County

  • Greg Harris


  • Michele Freed

    Chair, Hillel Governing Board, University of Michigan

  • Rabbi Jonah Layman

    Rabbi, Shaarei Tefila Congregation

  • Alison Lebovitz

    Author, Television Host, Speaker

  • Andrea Arbel

    Director, Partnership Unit, Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Harold Gernsbacher

    Vice Chair, United Israel Appeal

  • Scott Kaufman

    President & CEO, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

  • Andrew Schydlowsky

    CEO, Sticky

  • Elena Barr Baum

    Director, Holocaust Commission, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

  • Linda A. Hurwitz

    National Campaign Chair

  • Dr. Eve Breier

    Former Chair, Young Leadership Division, Jewish Federation of Las Vegas

  • Dahlia Bendavid

    Director, Israel and Oversees, Greater Miami Jewish Federation

  • Eric B. Stillman

    President/CEO, Jewish Federation of Broward County

  • Renée Dain

    Director of Community Services, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

  • Dana Keil

    Director, Room on the Bench

  • Nora Feldhusen

    Director, PeerCorps Detroit

  • Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman

    Director and Co-Founder, Orot

  • Alicia Jo Rabins

    Composer, Performer, Writer, Educator

  • Tikvah Wiener

    Chief Academic Officer, Magen David Yeshivah

  • Maj. Henry Soussan

    Major, US Army

  • Capt. Irving Elson

    Captain, US Marine Corps

  • Lisa Lepson

    Executive Director, Joshua Venture Group

  • Dr. Charles "Chip" Edelsberg

    Executive Director, Jim Joseph Foundation

  • Michael Novick

    Executive Director for Strategic Development, JDC

  • Hallie Shapiro Devir

    Assistant Vice President, Israel Experience and Youth Initiatives, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

  • Rachel Barton

    Melvin Cohen Young Leadership Associate/NEXT DC Coordinator

  • Allison Wohl

    Executive Director, Collaboration to Promote Self-Determination

  • Isabeau Lalonde

    Designer and User Researcher, Continuum

  • Karyn Cohen Leviton

    Director, Jacobson Family Foundation

  • Janet B. Livingston

    Co-Chair, Caring Commission, The Associated - Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

  • Danny Labin

    Associate Vice President, Global Programs at JFNA

  • Rebecca Caspi

    Senior VP, Global Operations & Director General, JFNA Israel

  • Robin Karol-Eng

    Chair, Negev Funding Coalition

  • Stacey Schulman

    Chair, JFNA National Legal Committee

  • David Hatchwell Altaras

    President of the Jewish Community of Madrid, Spain

We are committed to making the General Assembly inclusive and accessible to all.

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