National Harbor, MD November 9 - 11

National Harbor, MD
November 9 - 11


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  • Gail Norry

    Co-Chair of the 2014 General Assembly

  • Howard Friedman

    Co-Chair of the 2014 General Assembly

  • AJ Jacobs

    Author, journalist, lecturer & acclaimed TED speaker

  • Rachel Botsman

    Author and Founder of Collaborative Lab & acclaimed TED speaker

  • Kathleen E. Loehr

    Managing Director, Orr Associates, Inc.

  • Diane Rawlins

    Principal, Inside Out Consulting

  • Kriss Wittmann

    Founder, Wittmann Studios

  • Julie Platt

    General Campaign Chair, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and University of Pennsylvania Alumni President

  • Tom Klein

    Executive Director, Verified Volunteers

  • Farra Trompeter

    Vice President, Big Duck

  • Michael D. Siegel

    Chair, JFNA Board of Trustees

  • Jerry Silverman

    President and Chief Executive Officer, JFNA

  • Larry Dressler

    Principal, BlueWing Consulting

  • Rachel Burg Belin

    Founder and Director, Prichard Committee Student Voice Team

  • Sara Diamond

    Actress, Singer, Songwriter and Dancer

  • Katherina M. Rosqueta

    Founding Executive Director, Adjunct Faculty at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy

  • Sarah Abonyi

  • Julie Barnes

    Health Policy Consultant

  • Linda Scherzer

  • Rachel Salle


  • Christopher Westfall


  • Katherina Rosqueta

    Founding Executive Director

  • Steve Linde

  • Charlotte Halle

  • Derrick Feldmann


  • Julie Kass

  • Sarah Silverberg

  • Eyal Rabinovitch

  • Gilead Sher

    Attorney (Colonel, res.) Gilead Sher, Chairman of the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees

  • Shirly Kogen

  • Ron Wolfson

  • Andrew Lustig

  • Shawn Landres

  • Andrew Scharlach

    Kleiner Professor of Aging

  • Rachel Belin


  • Harvey Burg

  • Steve Greenbaum


  • Sheri Wagner Greenbaum

    Executive Vice President

  • Sara Diamond


  • Tom Klein

    Executive Director

  • Amir Sznajderman

    Manager of Economic Development and Loan Fund Unit

  • Ilan Wagner

    Director of Onward Israel and the Unit for Educational Experiences in Israel

  • Roman Polonsky

    Head of the Russian Speaking Jewry Unit

  • Ariel DiPorto

    Director of the Aliyah Division

  • Gregory Saxton

    Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Department of Communications

We are committed to making the General Assembly inclusive and accessible to all.

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