10:30am - 1:30pmNational Federation/Agency Alliance Annual Meeting

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12:00pm - 1:30pmNational Women’s Philanthropy Event

All women are welcome! Pre-registration is required during your online registration.

2:00pm - 3:45pmOpening Plenary
2:00pm - 3:30pmBreakout Sessions: Round Two
Major League Fundraising: Better Stewardship of Your Most Important Donors

Hear from some of the best experts and explore new dimensions of your old standby major gift development and stewardship strategies. Learn about what tools are already at your disposal to enhance your efforts, like boutique and affinity group missions and more.

Surveying the Landscape: Exploring Philanthropic Trends

Learn from three mini TED-style talks about trends in the greater world of nonprofits and how they can be relevant to Federations. Impact investing, giving circles and the rising popularity of donor-advised funds are just a few examples of trends we may explore in this session. 

As the World Turns: Our Work in Israel and Across the Globe

Our partner organizations operate in countries around the world and change lives on a daily basis. Meet the program professionals on the ground in the turbulent areas making headlines today. This world café-style conversation is the closest you can get to an overseas mission without getting on a plane.

Corporate Connection: Finding Local Corporate Support

Hear strategies for making a connection, making your case and making the ask in the corporate sector of your local community.

  • Daniel B. Flax

    Daniel B. Flax, Director, Financial Resource Development Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York

Federations & the Social Safety Net: The Future of Health and Human Services

Take part in a strategic discussion on the future of the nation’s most pressing policy issues and how Federation can affect positive change regarding these vital government initiatives. This session will highlight pragmatic solutions and focus on how you, as a community leader, can make a profound difference in for your federation and their partner agencies.

How Do You Measure Jewish Experience? Assessment Model

Hillel is taking action to better understand where their programming efforts are effective, where they are not and how best to measure that impact. Walk through the strategic process they are employing and hear how they will use this information to fuel their overall organizational strategy. 

This Land is My Land…This Land is Your Land? A State of Israel for All Its Citizens

Israeli society today is a dynamic and complex mosaic. This session will explore three challenges of that complexity: religion and state; integration of the Ethiopian community; and Arab citizens in Israeli society. Hear from diverse speakers working toward making today’s Israel more inclusive and embracing of all who call it home.

Boycotting the Boycott: Strategies for Addressing BDS on Campus and Beyond

What are real action steps for talking about Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in a constructive way in your community?  What role does the board play?  What role do the donors play? The Israel Action Network is back, reprising their sold-out session from GA 2014 in this interactive workshop designed to help participants gain insight into proper messaging and outreach strategies for reaching vulnerable constituencies and countering delegitimization.

  • Noam Gilboord

    Director of Community Strategy, JFNA/JCPA Israel Action Network

Once Upon A Time: Fundraising Through Effective Storytelling

What makes a personal story so compelling that a potential donor writes a check on the spot?  Analyze and deconstruct what turns a powerful story into a powerful ask in this interactive session

Charter, Montessori, Day School, Oh My!: Trends and Choices in Jewish Education

Explore the differences and similarities, the success’ and challenges and the pros and cons in a no-questions-barred conversation with leaders from three Jewish education movements.

The American Diaspora: Reaching Out From Within

Russian, Israeli, Persian Jews and more enrich the fabric of our communities.  They also have unique perspective and needs.  This session will explore how to better engage all angles of Jewish geography to our mutual benefit.  

10:45am - 12:15pm Breakout Sessions: Round Three
Beyond Tikkun Olam: The Dollars and Cents of Disability Inclusion

JFNA has long been committed to working on issues of significance for people with disabilities, both in our programmatic and policy work.  While a commitment to Tikkun Olam is one motivation for disability inclusion, disability inclusion impacts federations’ effectiveness and longevity in the long term. In this breakout session, experts will discuss how an organization’s commitment to disability inclusion influences overall staff productivity and morale and strengthens access to donors and foundations.

Strength in the South: Building a Stronger, More Vibrant Negev for Today and Tomorrow

In the summer of 2014, Israelis endured 50 days of Operation Protective Edge.  And Federation was there to support the health and safety of the community from the beginning. Join us to learn about three major, multi-year initiatives where Federations have invested to strengthen resilience and build a stronger, more vibrant South.

Advocating Support: Leveraging Our Public Policy and Overseas Work in Your Campaign

What if you were able to tell a donor that when they support Federation, they are not only supporting local social services, but that those gifts also effect change on Capitol Hill and overseas?  You can.  Learn more about how your community dollars are affecting domestic and international policies that directly benefit our most vulnerable populations, and what it all means for the future of charitable contribution deductions.

Direct Male: Closing the Gender Gap

The Federation system boasts an extraordinarily strong, generous and connected cohort of donors with the exceptional work of National Women’s Philanthropy and the International Lions of Judah.  But what about their male counterparts? Explore how to create that same level of involvement and engagement with the men in our communities.

Emergency Planning: Keeping Your Community Safe

Is your community prepared with a plan of action in the event of an unthinkable emergency?  The Secure Community Network (SCN) provided invaluable advice and support to Kansas City and many other communities in the wake of the tragedies that rocked their cities.  Join SCN for an interactive preparedness workshop and begin to create a plan of action to help keep your community safe.

Millennials Live: Young Adult Roundtable

We read the research and study the success stories, but how often do we get to hear what young adults are looking for and doing out there directly from young adults?  This moderated discussion among five under-30s, representing varied degrees of Jewish engagement, will drill down on the questions you really want answers to.

Making It to The Top: Scaling Promising Jewish Education Projects

Hear details of the success of two education initiatives and participate in an interactive conversation to help them scale their projects to meet the needs of new communities.  Along with field experts, ask the hard questions and help create solutions in this case-study-meets-shark-tank-style session.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way: Planned Giving and Your Annual Campaign

Planned giving and endowments can be the backbone of a successful fundraising strategy – and yet they are still underutilized by many organizations. Hear from top experts about how best to incorporate planned giving asks into your annual campaign and overall development strategy.

The Elephant in the Room: Creating a Safe Space to Debate Israel

Headline news detailing acts of terror, political uncertainties and unbalanced reporting can deeply affect the development of Jewish identity and can quickly pit allies against one another.  Explore what our communities can be doing to both create positive Jewish messaging and encourage healthy discourse.

Through Rainbow-Colored Glasses: LGBT Perspective on Jewish Community

Providing a welcoming and inclusive space for all members of our communities has never been more prevalent than it is today. Talk with members of the LGBT community in an inter-active roundtable and hear what really makes them feel engaged and connected.

The Secret of Chabad: How to Build A Movement

Chabad is an engagement success story. What strategies do they, and other organizations finding similar success, employ and how can they work with Federations? Hear from a Chabad a leader and a relationship-building specialist and learn what you can be doing to engage your community.