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The GA Press Room is a resource for media coverage of the 2013 JFNA General Assembly in Israel, Nov. 10-12.


GA Daily: Day One  
GA Daily: Day Two  
GA Daily: Day Three

VIDEO: JFNAGA Plenary 1 -- Nov. 10 
VIDEO: JFNAGA Plenary 2 -- Nov. 11 am 
VIDEO: JFNAGA Plenary 3 -- Nov. 11 pm

Media Advisory: Thousands to Gather in Jerusalem for “Signature Event of North American Jewry” 
GA Closing Event to Celebrate Jewish Unity
Israeli PM Netanyahu To Headline 2013 GA in Israel


GA images for media re-use
(For all images, please credit 'AG for JFNA')

PM Netanyahu at Opening Plenary    
The Batsheva Dance Company performs at the Opening Plenary 
PM Netanyahu at the Opening Plenary podium
PM Netanyahu at the Opening Plenary podium2 
PM Netanyahu at the Opening Plenary greeting attendees 
PM Netanyahu and JFNA Chair Michael Siegel walk at the Opening Plenary  
Audience at the Opening Plenary 
Audience listens to PM Netanyahu at the Opening Plenary  
Participants schmooze in the GA halls  
Participants enjoy Israeli food before the opening plenary  
Participants schmooze in the GA halls 2 
Minister Lapid at plenary  
Kotel breakout session  
Michael Siegel speech  
Peres at GA 
Peres closeup at GA  
Yacimovich at plenary  
Minister Bennett, Mayor Barkat and Jerry Silverman of JFNA  
Minister Bennett at Safra Square  
Walking to the wall: Jerry Silverman, Steve Silverman, Michael Siegel, Susie and Michael Gelman, Natan Sharansky   
GA participants at Jerusalem Unity Walk  
Natan Sharansky at the egalitarian platform at the Kotel  
Michael Siegel with GA co-Chairs Ronnie Douek and Michael and Susie Gelman  
Egalitarian prayer at the Kotel, including many GA participants who walked across Jerusalem to the Wall  


Media Contacts

For any questions regarding media coverage and registration, please contact the appropriate JFNA media contacts listed below.

JFNA North America:
Joe Berkofsky
Managing Director, Communications and Media Relations
Strategic Marketing & Communications

JFNA Israel:
Dani Wassner
Managing Director, Communications and Media Relations

Rabinowitz Communications:
Steve Rabinowitz
(202) 265-3000



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